The Best Landmine Workouts for More Muscle and Better Conditioning

Perhaps you’ve seen a lifter pressing, twisting, or rowing a barbell by rotating it on end. Appropriately named, these landmine exercises produce lethally effective workouts. Landmine training is performed in settings from Division 1 college weight rooms to bodybuilding gyms to injury rehab clinics. Credit: Breaking Muscle / Youtube The barbell is used for lever-based … Read more

Benefits Of Butterfly Pose – Badhakonasana

Butterfly pose (Baddha Konasana) The Butterfly pose is one of the simplest, yet most effective asanas that you can practice. Some yogic practitioners also call it the Bound Angle Pose. It is a beginner-friendly pose that delivers a lot. Here you will learn how to do the pose, to gain maximum returns. Additionally, you will … Read more

The Best HIIT Workouts With Bodyweight, With Kettlebells, and More

Whether you call it conditioning, metcon, or plain old “cardio,” some type of cardiovascular training is necessary to achieve results you can’t replicate with standard weight training alone. While there are plenty of programming options, cardiovascular training essentially boils down to one of two camps. The first is steady-state cardio training, where a single speed … Read more

Try These 3 Air Bike Workouts for Conditioning, Fat Loss, and More

Modern air bikes are far from the creaky machines your parents had at the local Y decades ago. Today’s machines are overbuilt and imposing. With bigger fans, heavier components, and electronic performance monitors, these machines are designed to take, and deliver, a beating. Credit: Jacob Lund / Shutterstock The Assault Bike® is one of a … Read more

Try These Hotel Workouts to Stay Fit During Holiday Travel

Travel is inevitably associated with a departure from normal routine, but regular resistance exercise is one habit you don’t want to leave behind.  Resistance training helps to maintain and improve physical health, appearance, and strength. Strong evidence even links resistance training to reduced risk of death from all causes. (1) Beyond these obvious benefits, resistance … Read more