7 Kundalini Chakras In Human Body

Before exploring the Kundalini chakras, it is important for you to know what Kundalini is, Kundalini means ‘coiled’ and it denotes the coiled snake that resides at the base of the spine. It is a divine force and a female one. However, Kundalini is not just limited to the above. The Kundalini Shakti on activation rises up the spine and then unites with the universe. This is the ultimate moment when you experience an out-of-body experience. The female energy merges with the male energy, leading to a divine union. Let us find out about the energy in more detail. 

What Is Kundalini Energy?

kundalini energy

You will be bewildered to know, that Kundalini energy has been present inside human bodies, since ancient times. We are born with it. However, many of us spend an entire lifetime, without knowing that exists in the first place. We try to look for happiness, perfection, and creativity outside when these are built in our psyche. 

Kundalini energy happens to be a strong female transformative force that has been studied for centuries. After its awakening, the energy travels through the energy centers of the body which are termed chakras. These are a part of the astral body. You can awaken the kundalini Shakti through various means, like asanas, meditation, breathing patterns, and chanting. Additionally, a Guru can also activate this underlying power through ‘Shakti path’. Kundalini Yoga is one of the practices that mainly focuses on the harnessing and proper utilization of this power.

Physical poses or asanas, breath manipulation, and meditation perform very important tasks to activate and channelize this energy. Asanas facilitate the stimulation of the chakras, breath manipulation facilitates the movement of energy, and meditation helps in the final activation. 

The Seven Chakras Of Kundalini Yoga 

You have to study the Kundalini chakras system associated with the Kundalini energy, to understand this entire aspect in a better manner. The chakras are related to various aspects like physical strength, emotions, and spiritual experiences. There are seven important chakras in the body. If there is any blockage in any of the chakras, the kundalini energy fails to complete the journey to the crown chakra. It manifests itself in the form of various ailments and behavioral issues. 

seven chakras

For now, you should know about the chakras in detail. 

Root chakra (Muladhara Chakra)

Exploring The Kundalini Chakras – A Journey To Inner Transformation

Sanskrit Name Muladhara Chakra (मूलाधार चक्र)
Symbol Four-petaled lotus, a square, and a downward-facing triangle
Colour The color of the chakra is red.
Element  Linked with the element earth
Location Situated at the base of the spine, it is where all the body’s energy resources are
Symptoms of a blocked Chakra:  If the chakra is blocked, you may feel unstable, fearful, and lack ambition.
Signs of a balanced Chakra A balanced root chakra results in more energy and positivity
Mantra The root mantra is ‘Lam’.
Yoga poses to balance the Chakra You can practice Vrikshasana and Tadasana, to balance this chakra. 

Sacral chakra (Svadhishthana chakra):

Sacral chakra (Svadhishthana chakra)

The sacral chakra is associated with physiological processes like reproduction and the sense of taste. 

Sanskrit Name Svadhishthana chakra (स्वाधिष्ठान चक्र)
Symbol Many circles, a crescent moon, and six petals of lotus flower
Colour The colour of the chakra is orange.
Element  The element is water.
Location  It is located two fingers above the Muladhara chakra, below the belly button.
Symptoms of a blocked Chakra: If the chakra is blocked, you may experience emotional blockages. You may also be obsessed or feel manipulative.
Signs of a balanced Chakra A balanced chakra leads to satisfaction and intuition.
Mantra The seed mantra is ‘Vam’.
Yoga poses to balance the Chakra If you practice the Kakasana and Trikonasana regularly, you will be able to balance the chakra. 

Solar Plexus chakra (Manipur chakra):

Solar Plexus chakra (Manipur chakra):

It represents ego and anger. It is the center of willpower. It represents the fire in the body and the sense of movement. 

Sanskrit Name Manipur chakra (मणिपुर चक्र)
Symbol Downward-pointing triangle in a circle, with ten petals of the lotus flower
Colour It has the colour yellow.
Element  Fire is associated with this chakra.
Location   The chakra is located between the belly button and the bottom of the rib cage.
Symptoms of a blocked Chakra:  A blocked solar plexus results in digestive issues, liver issues, and blood sugar. On a mental level, you might feel depressed, as well.
Signs of a balanced Chakra  A balanced Manipura chakra leads to confidence and more productivity.
Mantra The seed mantra is ‘Ram’.
Yoga poses to balance the Chakra You can practice the Uttanasana or Padahastasana or Paschimottasana, to balance the Manipura chakra. 

Heart chakra (Anahata chakra) :

Heart chakra (Anahata chakra) :

It is the seat of ‘Prana’. It rules feelings of love, empathy, and compassion. 


Sanskrit Name Anahata chakra (अनाहत चक्र)
Symbol Two triangles facing opposite sides within a circle and 12 petals of the lotus
Colour It is represented by the colour green
Element It is represented by the air element
Location   It is the fourth chakra located along the spine.
Symptoms of a blocked Chakra:  Symptoms that your chakra is blocked are lack of trust, anxiety, and jealousy.
Signs of a balanced Chakra  More compassion, empathy, and motivated
Mantra You must recite the seed mantra called ‘Yam’, to activate it.
Yoga poses to balance the Chakra If you want to balance the Anahata chakra, you have to practice Ardha Setubandhasana and Matsyasana. 

Throat chakra (Vishuddha chakra):

Throat chakra (Vishuddha chakra)

It represents spiritual development and growth. It is associated with the communication and dissemination of proper information. 

Sanskrit Name Vishuddha chakra (विशुद्धि चक्र )
Symbol A circle within a triangle, in a circle with 16 petals of the lotus. 
Colour The colour of this chakra is blue 
Element The element is space
Location It is located at the base of the throat, in the same position as the Thyroid gland.
Symptoms of a blocked Chakra: Any blockages in the throat chakra leads to timidity, weakness, and a sense of dissatisfaction.
Signs of a balanced Chakra When this chakra is in a balanced state you will be very communicative and positive-minded.
Mantra The seed mantra is ‘Ham’.
Yoga poses to balance the Chakra You can keep this chakra balanced with the help of Sarvangasana and Halasana. 

Third Eye Chakra (Ajna Chakra ):

Third Eye Chakra (Ajna Chakra )

This is the chakra which plays a huge role in your spiritual journey. This is representative of farsightedness, intuition, and intelligence. 

Sanskrit Name Ajna Chakra (आज्ञा चक्र)
Symbol Inverted triangle in a circle, with two lotus petals
Colour It is represented by the colour Indigo.
Element None
Location Located between the eyebrows in the position of the Third Eye
Symptoms of a blocked Chakra:  If your Ajna chakra is blocked, you may be afraid of success and egoistic. You can also have physical manifestations of the blockages like headaches and eye issues.
Signs of a balanced Chakra If your chakra is balanced, you will be able to portray confidence and be free from materialistic attachments.
Mantra The seed mantra is ‘Om’.
Yoga poses to balance the Chakra You can keep this chakra balanced through the practice of Shirshasana.. 

Crown Chakra (Sahasrara Chakra):

Crown Chakra (Sahasrara Chakra)

It denotes spiritual detachment and liberation. You will also achieve enlightenment if this chakra is completely activated, which takes many years of ‘Sadhana’. 

Sanskrit Name Sahasrara Chakra (सहस्त्रार चक्र)
Symbol Thousand rings of lotus petals surrounding an inverted triangle
Colour Represented by the colour Violet white.
Element It is another chakra that does not have a representative element.
Location It is the highest chakra located at the crown of the head.
Symptoms of a blocked Chakra:  If you are constantly frustrated and sad, your Crown chakra is blocked.
Signs of a balanced Chakra If it is balanced, you will likely feel liberated and have inner peace.
Mantra The seed mantra of this chakra is ‘Aum’, the universal sound.
Yoga poses to balance the Chakra You can balance this chakra by practicing the Shirshasana. 

Chakras can influence your physical health, mental health, as well as spiritual health. Your lifestyle patterns, diet, and the environment will affect the condition of the chakras. Your chakras may be hyperactive or hypoactive. You can easily identify the ailments affecting your body and mind, by learning which organs and body parts, each chakra represents. You can unblock the chakras, or activate them through asanas, meditation, breath manipulation, and mudra practice. Diet is also very important to keep the chakras balanced and energized. 

If you want to maintain a healthy mind, spirit, and physical body, it is mandatory for you to keep the seven chakras balanced. It will also take you a step closer to enlightenment or freedom from the cycle of rebirths. 

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