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An article from Global Cosmetic Industry has marked AI as the biggest emerging technology in the beauty industry. With innovative methods being developed for consumers, R&D and cosmetic testing that utilize AI, there is significant potential being uncovered daily for skin care technology.

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There is no question that AI is creating a new lens to look through for skin care. Skin analysis is at everyone’s fingertips, as is individualized skin care products. Here are five AI skin care technologies that are pushing the industry:

1. Perfect Corp — Skin Type Detection AI technology

Skin type detection builds on the company’s previous AI tool and can analyze up to 14 different skin care concerns to accurately determine the user’s skin type. This technology can generate a complete skin report that details the specifics of their results as well as product recommendations that target their unique areas of concern, according to Perfect Corp.

2. Haut.AI — Phygital Skin AI Tool

Physical Skin AI combines clinical-level skin analysis with personalized recommendations in order to solve the problem of consumer compliance and ensure that users continue their product routines to see results.

The tool takes skin measurements with on-skin testers and continues the journey in a digital skin care app. Customers are given detailed skin scores and the mobile app allows shoppers to analyze and track results to make educated decisions and find a tailored selection of products.

3. Cataphyll — Skin AI Analysis

This skin care analysis tool works in browser, even on your phone. I personally tried it and it gave information on hydration, redness, oiliness, dark circles and more. The tool required a sign up after the scan, giving limited information prior to registering. Although it does not appear to be as in-depth as others on this list, it displays how readily available AI skin care is becoming.

4. Vichy Laboratories  — Skin Consult AI

Similar to the Cataphyll analysis tool, Skin Consult AI offers a QR code to scan for quick results. This program also operated in-browser but appeared to have trouble scanning my face presumably due to facial hair. The tool creates a customized skin care routine on an individual basis by detecting fine lines, wrinkles, pores, pigmentation, radiance, under eye bags and firmness.

 5. Revive  — Personalized Digital Beauty Experiences

Reviver’s AI and AR digital beauty experience offers several opportunities in virtual beauty, including an AI skin care advisor, AI makeup advisor, AI nutrition advisor, AI sun care advisor and an AI hair care advisor. The company’s digital health-beauty-wellness platform features self-diagnostic modules that delivers consumers targeted products, services and treatments.

According to a report from InsightAce Analytic, the global AI in beauty and cosmetics market size is expected to reach U.S. $13.34 billion in 2030 with a CAGR of 19.7% from 2021 to 2030. The surge of AI beauty and skin care has a promising outlook for the future. Yet there have been many companies who were perhaps ahead of the times and did not succeed in the AI beauty scene. AI continues to push beyond boundaries in all markets, begging the question of whether it is here to stay or not.


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